When you take your time to write the findings and discussions, there is a high chance you will get the best reviews. It is more about whatever you have done but not about other people. You have to know when it comes to discussion. You will have to go back to your research. You can use different ways to write your findings and discussion. If you have to write a short dissertation, you can write both of them in one place. If you are required to jot a long one, you will have to note to them in different chapters. After reading this article, you will be able to know the way to write your finding and discussion correctly.

Prepare to Write

When you want to write your findings, you first need to have written the analysis of the outcome. Have an idea of whatever you are going to put down. You can use software that will ensure your findings get organized well.  You should make sure you finish the process before you write anything down.  If you skip the part, they will be confusing and arranged anyhow.  Even if you have to ask, go ahead because if not, you will mess up your work. Ask for assistance before you write your findings. 

You should know the amount of data to put because that is also a challenge many people face. When you get done with your research, you will have a lot of data. It is not a must you include everything in your dissertation. You can decide to go with the strongest ones and leave the weak ones out. It is also good to consider the reader because if not, your work will get exaggerated, and that is unpleasant. 

The task can get done better by having an outline. Through this, you will have to put all your focus on some main points. First of all, you will need to answer the questions in your research. The next thing is adding the findings that you have collected after finishing your research.

The outline will provide you with a perfect structure, and also you will be able to present your findings neatly. You will have a hard of deciding the type of data to include in your work. You must be careful with what you leave out. Sometimes a point may seem useless, but it is not.  If the chapter of your findings is confusing, be assured that you will fail. The reader will not be interested in reading your work.

Introducing Your Findings

It takes up to 40% of the entire dissertation. That is an enormous part that requires attention and concentration. Make sure that your information is simple and flows naturally. The reader should not strain to understand any point in your work. Your introduction should be a killer.

These are the components your introduction should have:

  • Letting the reader know your motive
  • A short description of how you are going to put your results
  • Putting the results you write in the context
  • Give the reader a clue of where to get your research instruments

The introduction you write will either make the reader continue reading your work or leave it without going any further. You can try using different techniques to make it as fascinating as possible, or pay for dissertation online and let our skilled professionals do the work for you.

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