Before you start writing your methods section, ensure that you discuss the information level and organization with your advisor or supervisor.

Extracts from method sections

  • Below the heading, which says exercise for methodology, the direction you should take is to click on the submit button to get feedback, but you also choose how you want to provide or get your feedback. Since the dissertation will get placed at the top, it will technically assume the 1st this is, and then you’ll have to take or think of any way to go around re-labeling the other texts of the samples.
  • To sum everything all up, the section of the methods tends to outline the techniques you have used in your dissertation and why the exact process got found to be the most appropriate for this study. Some of the key questions are where, what, why, when, and how you managed to do whatever you did to arrive at your results.

School of geography sample text

The title of the thesis:

“Fluoride effects on their reproduction among three Australian native plant species”

The study’s main objective is mainly to highlight the effects that fluoride has on the reproduction of some of the native plant species, which got found in the vast vegetation that surrounds Tamargo aluminum smelter. The study has gotten done by measuring an array of reproductive characteristics from selected species and taking the survey of this soil preserve in line with the fluoride gradient.

The above block tends to answer the question what, which is the introductory overview at it also answers the wear because it highlights their location for gathering the samples. 

By keeping other variables for the environment at a constant line, it got anticipated that the sites will illustrate whatever relationship is there between the reproduction of plants and fluoride.

In this case, the block tends to answer the question because it highlighted the reason for doing the research and used a given approach, and it also entails why the research got done in that particular minor or process in the same way.

For every replicate site found in the high, background, and law zones of Floride, the Y2 cone with follicles was collected among selected glands, randomly chosen in ten groups. The follicles obtained from the various cones got opened when they got placed in the oven, and the heat got turned out about 120 degrees Celsius for about one hour, and then the seeds got retrieved when the follicles had failed to get through the process.

The above block tends to answer how some of the details specific to the treatment and collection of all the samples got managed.

For the first heterophylla, the analysis of regression got utilized to determine some of the various characteristics. Suppose they had any significant relationship in line with the pod numbering that each plant produced. It went ahead to use the factor of ANCOVA for the analysis.

The above block tends to answer the question of which are mainly specific techniques or details among the methods that got used on the tests.

As you already know, the metal section in a dissertation is a critical section that should get looked at carefully to avoid losing marks. Students get advised to be in constant communication with their lecturers or supervisors when they reach this point because they have the knowledge and experience that will help them to get through the section without having any hitches along the way. It will ensure that the methods you apply in your research area in a continuous line with the study’s topic and illuminate the best practices that one would otherwise use to get the best result out of a breakdown. Therefore, you should be very vigilant and accurate whenever you choose a given method to answer some of the questions you have in your research. At any given time, remember to answer the questions what, why, when, how, and who so that you don’t leave your readers hanging. 

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