There are many graduates, they start but never complete their doctoral dissertation. It is observed that isolation, cunctation and perfectionism are the major hurdles to complete the thesis. If you need help, how to finish your dissertation? The only way is, to overcome the above-mentioned hurdles. You also have to develop a writing environment and organize a work schedule to complete your thesis. Here are some guidelines and suggestions to finish your dissertation within time.  

The reality About Daily Writing

It is truly good writing takes time. You cannot write your thesis over a weekend. It is impossible to write continually. Mostly, academic writer, write in small chunks of time every day. Some people suggest writing in 15 minutes or 25 minutes a day. But I suggest to graduates to write regularly 30 minutes a day in the beginning. It is advisable for those writers who are beginners. When you are on your track, you can write for longer periods.

Most graduates’ students want to write the first draft as a final draft. They spend much more time on a single sentence by writing and revising or editing. In that way, it is difficult for you to finish your dissertation. The first draft is different from revising. In the initial draft, you write new and existing ideas without any fear. In the first draft, you think and write. In revising stage, you edit and make changes for the final draft. So, consider them two different stages instead of one stage.

Battle with Moment

There is a battle between your initial writing success and failure. When you plan a scheduled time for writing and want to start writing accordingly. But you can’t write a single word. You make a promise to yourself. You will do better for tomorrow. The next day you received the same result. It is a tough time for you. It is called battle with the moment. If you start the writing you will be succeeded. The best way is, to set a time for 10 minutes writing a day. When you will get it on daily basis continuously. You will win the battle of the moment. 

Your enthusiasm and consistency are must be stronger than resistance. You can overcome your resistance by writing on sites, boot camp, Facebook groups, and writing buddies.

Diagnose, why are you not writing and design a quick plan

Although you have struggled to write in earlier but could not maintain it. You have to think, what is the problem and how can you resolve this problem? You should know about an activity that will help you to finish your dissertation. If you need help, the three things are important which tell you how to finish dissertation:

  1. Technical Errors: It means you don’t know about some skills or techniques which are helpful in writing. You have to identify these errors and after improving your writing and revising it will be clear.
  2. Psychological Obstacles: If you have awareness of the psychological obstacles, you can overcome them to tackle these issues. So, you need to know about existing psyche issues. Mostly these are imposter syndrome, disempowerment, fear of failure/success, perfectionism, and inner critics.
  3. External Realities: Life events have an impact on you that affect the writing energy. You should prepare yourself to accept the realities with patience.

Change Your Friends

Your friends and surrounding people affect your writing process. Usually, they don’t have any link to daily writing task and affect negatively. You need a positive community that helps you to develop your writing process.

Above mention suggestions will help you to finish your dissertation realistically. 

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